October 22, 2016

Engraving Completed

     The monument at Micajah Clark Dyer's grave is now identifiable as you approach it descending the cemetery hill from the west. Previously, there was no identification on back of the monument, which caused a few visitors to leave thinking they had come to the wrong cemetery. It was necessary to go all the way to the bottom of the hill where the engraving on front could be viewed to know you were at the right place.
     Thanks to the generosity of friends and relatives of Clark Dyer, engraving was completed this week to add the pertinent information to the back of the monument.

Back of monument

Front of monument

September 30, 2016

New aircraft and off-road vehicle created in Shreveport!

Flying Magazine says a startup company with the goal of meeting off-road accessibility with the freedom of flight just got the go-ahead from the FAA.

SkyRunner, a flying all-terrain vehicle
On June 16, 2016, Flying Magazine stated:

   “SkyRunner announced this week that its flying all-terrain vehicle has earned S-LSA approval, paving the way for the company to ramp up production at its Shreveport, Louisiana, manufacturing plant.
    “Marketed with the go-anywhere adventurer in mind, the SkyRunner is a four-wheel ATV that uses ram-air parafoil wing technology, or powered-parachute flight, and a three-blade propeller to take to the sky on takeoffs that require about the length of a football field.
    “SkyRunner, which has just two flight controls — left and right steering and a throttle pedal — says its vehicle can reach airspeeds of 45 mph and cruise at the maximum regulated altitude of 10,000 feet.
    “The company says it’s now fulfilling back orders and taking deposits for the two-seater flying ATV, which costs $119,000.”

See the SkyRunner in action in a video produced 9/16/16 by Fox News