August 3, 2017

Annie Gets Her Library Book, Georgia's Pioneer Aviator

Annie with her book from the library: Georgia's Pioneer Aviator, Micajah Clark Dyer

    Her mom says, " Annie's book which she had put on hold came in today! I tried to tell her Poppa already has this book but she wanted to read it from the library!" 
    Annie will be ahead of her classmates after learning who flew an airplane back in the 1800s!
    Way to go, Annie! Thank you for your interest in history.
    (Incidentally, Micajah Clark Dyer is her great-great-great-great-great-grandfather!)

June 25, 2017

Clark Dyer Nominated to Aviation Hall of Fame

        Micajah Clark Dyer (1822-1891) has been nominated for induction this year into the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgia, by Dr. Sylvan R. Dyer. This is the third nomination Clark Dyer has received for this recognition based on his invention of an "Apparatus for Navigating the Air," for which he received U.S. Patent No. 154,654 on September 1, 1874.
        The story leading up this nomination is an amazing one. Dr. Dyer, a great, great grandson of Clark Dyer, was visiting Robins Air Force Base on June 20, 2017, where he viewed the Aviation Hall of Fame and felt strongly impressed to work toward getting Clark inducted since his flying machine was the first navigable aircraft invented and flown in Georgia. When he told the director that he wanted to make the nomination, she told him, “You picked a good time to come because this is the last day to nominate a candidate this year, and I would have been out of the office in one hour!”
        Then and there, Dr. Dyer submitted a formal nomination for induction of Clark into the Hall of Fame.
        The Board of Electors of the Hall of Fame will select inductees from a group of qualified nominees submitted during this fiscal year and, hopefully, Micajah Clark Dyer will take his rightful place of honor within the revered Hall of Fame when the Board makes its inductions in April 2018.

(If you don’t already know the historical account of Clark Dyer’s invention, scroll down through the earlier posts below and learn about this man and his remarkable flying machine.)