March 1, 2019

Book on Life of Clark Dyer Donated to Library

Author Sylvia Dyer Turnage has donated a supply of her creative nonfiction novel on the life of Clark Dyer, Flying off Rattlesnake Mountain, to the Micajah Clark Dyer Foundation for placing in libraries.
Librarian Susie Brendle accepts a donation of Flying off Rattlesnake Mountain for the Union County Public Library from author Sylvia Dyer Turnage.
The Foundation's goal is to advance knowledge of the historical invention and flights of Micajah Clark Dyer in the mid-1800s. The donated books will serve that purpose through placement in every regional library in the state of Georgia, at a minimum. Turnage says readers have already expressed an interest in having the book also placed in the libraries of other states.

"It's a great way to get knowledge about this piece of aviation history into the hands of many people who have never heard of Clark Dyer and his invention of a flying machine which was patented in 1874, a couple of decades before the flights by the Wright brothers," Turnage said.