April 26, 2019

Columbus Public Library receives "Flying off Rattlesnake Mountain" novel

Howard Turnage delivers an historical novel to 
the Columbus Public Library in Columbus, Georgia

     Micajah Clark Dyer has become well-known in the North Georgia mountain area through newspaper, television, radio and magazine stories. But he is unknown to many other people across the rest of Georgia. They have yet to hear the important history of his invention of a flying machine that was patented in 1874 and flown across the fields in Choestoe community in Union County, Georgia, until a year or two before his death in 1891.

     The novel Flying off Rattlesnake Mountain is a narrative nonfiction story of Dyer's life and inventions written by his great-great-granddaughter Sylvia Dyer Turnage. It not only tells the story of his life, but also provides a verbal picture of the mountain landscapes,  incorporates the lifestyles of the mountain people, and tells the historical events that occurred in those years, impacting the lives of the pioneers who had settled there following the removal of the Indians, the land lottery, the gold rush, the War Between the States and Reconstruction. 

     The Micajah Clark Dyer Foundation has launched the library book placement project in an effort to help eliminate a history gap by providing everyone in the state access to the account of Dyer's aeronautical achievements. The biographical novel is written in an interesting manner that will be intriguing to readers of all ages.

Columbus Public Library was named one of the 10 most beautiful libraries in Georgia

April 1, 2019

Narrative Nonfiction Novel donated to Mountain Regional Library

The Mountain Regional Library in Young Harris, Georgia, has received a donation of "Flying off Rattlesnake Mountain" from author Sylvia Dyer Turnage. The book is a narrative nonfiction novel of the life and inventions of Micajah Clark Dyer in the 1800s.

The goal of the Micajah Clark Dyer Foundation is to place this historical novel in every regional library in the State of Georgia. Additional books will be placed in libraries in other cities, as well as in other states, as libraries and volunteers let it be known that they are interested in participating. If you are interested in helping with this project, please send a message to the Foundation at micajahclarkdyer@gmail.com