September 26, 2006

The Clark Dyer Story Keeps Flying Along

Sylvia Turnage at the White County Rotary Club, 9/26/06

Pictured above: Sylvia Dyer Turnage speaking to the White County Rotary Club on Sept. 26, 2006

Upon invitation by the White County Rotary Club, Sylvia Dyer Turnage presented the story of Clark Dyer’s flying machine at a meeting on September 26, 2006, in Cleveland, Georgia. In her PowerPoint presentation, she emphasized the innovative features of this pioneer mountain man’s design: a power source, a rudder for steering, paddle wheels for acceleration and deceleration, jointed wings to increase or decrease altitude, and a wedge-shaped hull with inclined prow to reduce wind resistance. The Rotarians were amazed at this lost piece of history and many agreed with Sylvia that reproducing the plane and having it placed in a museum was a worthy endeavor.

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