October 5, 2012

Working Model of Clark's Airplane

Intricate parts of the machine are taking shape.
Jack Allen, Model Builder
As you see the multitude of parts that comprised Clark’s 1874 “Apparatus for Navigating the Air” and consider the time and place where these parts were designed, formed and assembled, you get an inkling of the genius of pioneer inventor, Micajah Clark Dyer.
     As a matter of fact, as you look at the reproduction of these parts by model builder, Jack Allen, you also feel awestruck that any person today can study the patent of 1874, with its scant descriptions and no stated dimensions for the parts, and create a model-sized replica of the airplane. How fortunate that the old patent met a talented and willing man who could bring the flying machine back to life!
     Everyone is eagerly looking forward to seeing the completed model in the not too distant future. We applaud Jack for his skillful and innovative work on this project.

Some moving parts of model

Hull is one foot long

Hinged wing at top right

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