September 12, 2016

September 1 Proclaimed Micajah Clark Dyer Day

Article in The North Georgia News, Sept 7, 2016, Page 1C:

   "Commissioner Paris said, 'I am very pleased to proclaim September 1, 2016 as Micajah Clark Dyer Day in Union County. September 1, 1874 is the date Mr. Dyer received a patent for his flying machine.'

   "Mr. Dyer invented and flew the machine on his farm in Choestoe Community many years before the Wright brothers’ flight at Kitty Hawk, NC.  Union County and the surrounding counties did not have newspapers at that time, but the story of Mr. Dyer’s invention was reported in dozens of newspapers across the U.S., perhaps also in foreign countries since efforts were being made all over the world at the time to build a machine that could fly. Several neighbors witnessed Mr. Dyer’s flights, and knowledge of his invention was spread by word of mouth throughout the county and beyond.
Exhibit at Chamber of Commerce
   "For the entire month of Septem- ber, the Blairsville Chamber of Commerce has an exhibit in their lobby showcasing Mr. Dyer’s invention. 

   "Chamber member Micajah Clark Dyer Foundation welcomes everyone to come by and see the exhibit and pick up a brochure that has a brief story about Mr. Dyer. It includes the credit he has received to date, plans for future efforts to acquaint the public about this wonderful piece of Union County history, and efforts that will continue into the future to keep the legacy of our pioneer aviator alive. 

   "You can also learn about the story at"

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