December 13, 2009

Micajah Clark Dyer Foundation Receives Donation from Descendant

Kenneth Dyer presents a check for $1,000 to Sylvia Dyer Turnage for the Micajah Clark Dyer gravesite project

The Micajah Clark Dyer Foundation received a generous gift from Kenneth Dyer of Dahlonega. Ken made the gift to assist in restoration of the gravesite and placement of a memorial headstone at the Old Choestoe Church Cemetery to honor Georgia’s pioneer aviator, Micajah Clark Dyer.

Installation of a slab over Clark’s and wife Morena’s graves has already been completed and design of the memorial stone is presently underway. Engraving on the stone will honor Dyer for his invention of an aircraft in the 1800s, which incorporated flight controls not previously known in aviation. The original headstones of Clark and Morena will be inset in the new stone; the total project is expected to be completed within the next ninety days.

Sylvia Dyer Turnage, treasurer of the foundation, said, “The Foundation has received approval from the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization for the purpose of further educating the public about Micajah Clark Dyer’s important historical invention. This status allows donors to take an income tax deduction for their gifts.” She said the names of all donors to this project will be included in the program for the dedication ceremony planned for early next summer.

Kenneth Dyer, a great great grandson of Micajah Clark Dyer, said, “I am so pleased to see the work started on this project, and I am glad to take part in helping to get it accomplished. It will help bring attention to a man whose achievement in aeronautics is very deserving of recognition.”

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