October 27, 2017

Ford Tri-Motor 1929 Airplane takes to the sky

An interesting article posted recently by Scott Kimbler, a reporter for AccessWDUN, says Ford has built a replica of a 1929 airplane, and now passenger flights in it are available at the Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport in Gainesville, Georgia.

Kimbler says the plane is owned by the Experimental Aircraft Association , and the Gainesville Chapter has brought the plane to Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport for people to enjoy flights into history.

According to Kimbler, the Ford Tri-Motor was built in 1929 and was instrumental in ushering in the modern age of commercial flight, as well as airports.

See the video posted of the 1929 airplane in flight and learn some aeronautical history at this link: http://accesswdun.com/article/2017/10/598343/ford-tri-motor-airplane-takes-to-the-sky-in-gainesville