June 1, 2018

Interview of Author of "Flying off Rattlesnake Mountain"

New Novel tells the Amazing Story of Pioneer-Inventor, Micajah Clark Dyer
      On May 15, John Clark, Director of the Georgia News Network in Atlanta, traveled to the mountains of Northeast Georgia to interview author Sylvia Dyer Turnage about her recently published book, Flying off Rattlesnake Mountain. Her book is a narrative, non-fiction story based on life as it was experienced by the pioneers who came into the mountainous area in 1833 to a land that had long been occupied by Cherokee and Creek Indians. The story follows the life of Clark Dyer (1822-1891) and tells how he came to have a remarkable theory about a machine that could be built to enable a man to fly like a bird.

        Turnage is the great-great-granddaughter of Clark Dyer, and she based her novel on information gleaned from every available source – old newspapers, census reports, family recollections and historical records, some copies of which are included in back of the book.